Мошенник из Нигерии
Внимание, мошенник из Нигерии! DennisSteady, написавший такое, на первый взгляд, душевное письмо, какое-то время еще продолжал свою игру до этапа пока не попростил одолжить... $700. Причина звучит банально как и то что он находится в командировке в Нигерии. К счастью, девушка оказалась не такой наивной как ему показалось и после нескольких дней безрезультатных уговариваний кавалер исчез.      
Его электронный адрес: steadydennis@yahoo.com
 А вот и само содержание письма:
"Hi Dear,
Thanks for the short note, its good to know that you would move to Georgia any day, I have come to realized that I am getting fond of you already and I am so glad you are being honest with me, and if I must confess I am enjoying every bit of this cos I have never felt like this in a while, like I wrote in the last mail I sent if we lead this in the right direction it might just be the best for us. Please would you be kind enough to tell me little more about yourself, at least you can start by telling me what your real name is, I'm also interested in knowing the names of your children and gender(if there is any), please I want you to feel free and be open minded to me as I'm getting used to you already, just wanted to quickly inform you that I also have a home in Devon UK and Ambrose G.A due to the nature of my job, I'm always fond of travelling as a construction engineer,i build houses and companies for people.. Just feel that I should brief you a little more about myself, because I want you to know that I'm straight and open minded person, so, I want you to see me as a man that you can put your trust in, I was born in Israel...Tel-Aviv, but moved to California at the age of 10 when my parents divorced. My mom moved me,was the only child all the way across the country. She is a very strong and brave woman...unfortunately she just past away few months back..it was really tough for me but i coped. I grew up in NJ. I attended a year of college after high school and then received news from my Aunt and her husband that they were moving to CA. (By this time, my Aunt and her Husband has two kids---so there are 5 of us in all). I decided to move back to GA with them.
 I was 25 when we came back to GA. I worked and went to school. I finished my bachelor's degree as well as a master's degree in Buisness Admin. Since 1997, I have always worked in education. I was living on the Central Coast above Santa Barbara until August of 2008 when I moved to Jackson, Georgia. As I said, I had been working at a College on the Central Coast when I took a 2-year management contract.I also entered the world of Real Estate. I started working with investor’s that were looking for vacation homes. My areas of experience also include REO’s , Foreclosures, Short Sales, Investor/Handyman Specials , and New Ventures. I specialize in the wholesale of real estate market i do all this in order to earn my own living. I recently took up a 3weeks framework contract with one of the largest construction company in west africa, actually my first time here on this kind of project. I know you are not like other women, I have met in the past and I don’t want you to “fall so cheap” for anyone, I am not a liar and would consider it a disgrace to lead you on a direction that is not good for you or myself. Hurting you or game playing is not part of who I am. I want us to be careful for both our sakes. To me love is the willingness to give your heart to some one you have feelings for, exposing yourself to possible pain in the experience, weakness is hiding behind the shelter not making yourself available. I am speaking philosophically here and not implying anything toward you. I just want you to understand that some things are just meant to happen and you can’t help it, no matter how hard you try, so I believe that it has been designed by fate that we would be starting our relationship here. I am not a perfect being but I can always strive to make you happy, Not certain if there is anything such as the perfect person, it is my observation that there are degrees of need that cannot be fulfilled and that no one can fill them all, I know that may sound cynical but perfection is a high water mark that can lead to a continuation of frustration and lack of fulfilment as one tries to demand something that can’t be obtained. However I do believe a certain sense of compromise and understanding can open that door to real value. I have been hurt in the past, I know how it feels to feel an emptiness and loneliness, we are basically looking for the same things, yet neither of us is “desperate” or willing to be “cheap” about it. That in itself is hard to find and get started. Where can it lead, to the next step, a meeting, then hopefully to the desire to be together, then possibly a lover, and from there who knows, but for now first things first. lets explore this world together and see where this leads us, I know its hard for you to love some one you cant really see or touch, but I'm very sure that meeting you would be my top priority as I would be ready to make a trip to wherever you are just to meet you at any point in time, I am willing to teach you how to love again, just be ready to open the door when I am at the door pressing the bell to come in to your heart...lets take the journey once at a time and love may take long but your heart will know when you are finally home. Willlookforwardtoreadingfromyou.Regards, Dennis"

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